Berry Farmers’ Market

The Berry Farmers’ Market is a place for the community to come together EVERY Thursday afternoon  to shop directly with farmers & makers.  Summer trading hours are from 3-6pm.

COVID-19 INFORMATION: – The Berry Farmers’ Market is focused on providing the community with access to fresh produce whilst also providing an income to sustain farmers & makers so they don’t go to the wall.

The NSW Health Order that is in place has classed a farmers market as an “Essential Service” .  It remains our firm conviction that farmers markets are essential to community food security and that shopping for food in farmers markets continues to be a safe choice, particularly when you take into account the following:-
 * Fresh air, UV light and ample room to move around makes for a safer shopping experience to a supermarket
*  There are less “touch points” in the food supply chain when buying from a farmers market in comparison to a supermarket
*  Our farmers market operates for a short 2 hour period just once a week and has way less hard surface areas to clean & santitise
*  Fresh produce is undoubtedly more nutrient dense and therefore beneficial to your immune system
*  Purchasing food is a non-optional activity and giving people an alternative to a supermarket is important
Following are our risk mitigation protocols to run a low risk farmers market:-
~ 4 x hand washing stations positioned at the market entrance that are fitted with pump action liquid hand soap and a foot pump to generate running water for safe hand washing
~ Signage to advise shoppers to wash hands BEFORE shopping and to wash regularly
~ Hand sanitiser is available throughout the farmers market
~ Every stall has a “X” of “Number” on the ground at 1.5m spacing showing shoppers where to stand to wait to be safely served
~ Stalls have been spread out further to give more space to shoppers
~ “Tap & Go” is preferred rather than cash.  All stallholders have Eftpos facility available.
~ NO handling of produce by shoppers.  Rather let stallholder know what you want and they put into the customers shopping bag
~ Hard surfaces are sanitised at the end of the market by the market staff
~ No sampling or tastings provided by stallholders
If you are feeling unwell or have knowingly travelled from a Covid-19 Hot Spot then please DO NOT ATTEND the Berry Farmers’ Market.
When attending the Berry Farmers’ Market it is essential that Social Distancing is maintained at all times.  We ask that people do NOT linger in groups.


email Berry Farmers’ Market


Berry Showground Cow Sheds Albany Street Berry 2535


0431 823 078


Opening Hours
  • Mondays Closed
  • Tuesdays Closed
  • Wednesdays Closed
  • Thursdays 3 – 6pm
  • Fridays Closed
  • Saturdays Closed
  • Sunday Closed


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