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Welcome to Carramar Kitchen and Cottage, joyful, authentic immersive cooking classes on the beautiful South Coast of NSW.

About Our Classes

Our kitchen is the heart of our home, and we love to share it with people. Our classes are small and hands on which allows us to spend time with each guest and provide a relaxed experience. We invite you to join us in our kitchen for an immersive food adventure.

We will welcome you at 9:30am over warm drinks and a bite from the kitchen. Recipes will be provided to each guest and a discussion of the ingredients in each dish. We will then move into the kitchen for a brief orientation before visiting the garden to harvest fresh herbs and vegetables (weather dependent).

As we cook together there will be snippets of scrumptious treats, demonstrations, and explanations of ingredients and their uses. Gathering around the table to break bread and feast will bring us all together at the end of the day. We can’t wait to welcome you.

Street Tacos & Fresh Salsa Experience

Our love of Latin flavors really shines through in this class. There’s nothing quite like biting into a delicious fresh taco. The combination of slow braised meats or grilled seafood and vegetables topped with crunchy citrus salsa all wrapped up in a fresh pressed corn tortilla can be life changing. We truly believe this. To build a great taco takes a little knowledge and understanding of ingredients and how they all work together.

Our Street Taco class focuses on traditional Oaxacan recipes and fresh salsas you will always want to have ready in the fridge. We will be cooking fresh corn tortillas on the Comal and making traditional guacamole to share around the table. Black beans and salad will accompany our taco feast and a demonstration on the perfect matching margarita.

Enchiladas, Salsas, Ceviche Experience

Family and friend’s mealtime is very important to us and enchiladas exceed all expectations when we gather around the table to enjoy a long visit. Named as one of Mexico’s national dishes, enchiladas are versatile, yet can be made ahead of mealtime and get better after spending a night in the fridge. They are the ultimate “make ahead” dish for a large gathering which really takes the pressure off entertaining.

In this class, we will make two different flavored enchiladas wrapped up in house made gluten free tortillas. We will share them around the table accompanied with traditional zesty salsas and divine corn elote. A break to sample some local seafood ceviche on a crispy tostada during the class is always a good idea. Black beans and salad will accompany our meal along with a locally paired wine.

Autumn Harvest Cooking

As the days get shorter and cooler, the pull to bake, braise, and make soup beckons. There is nothing better than catching the fragrant air of Chili Verde or Lamb Barbacoa bubbling on the stove. The coziness of autumn signals us to slow down and take some time to cook nourishing food. Join us in this experience to bake, braise, make soup, and gather in the warmth of the kitchen to learn new recipes and share new ingredients.

Let’s visit the garden and see what offerings will add flavor and inspiration. The table will be set to enjoy the sumptuous meal we have prepared together along with a locally paired wine.


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