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Hi I’m Ainslie. I’m a South Coast photographer who loves working with natural light. A passionate storyteller, I see beauty everywhere and thrive when creating honest imagery that truly reflects my clients’ lives & experiences, or their brands and businesses.

Commercial Photography

Prior to photography I had a career in marketing and communications. My experience being on the “other side” has allowed me to develop a keen eye for bringing brands to life with professional imagery, and understanding exactly what my clients are asking me to do. When offering commercial brand photography

People Photography

People photography includes social events, maternity, newborn, family shoots, and everything in-between. People photography captures those special life moments to share and cherish with family and friends. Taking a documentary-style approach to my shoots, my people sessions capture you and your family authentically, avoiding posed and rigid images. My sessions are comfortable, relaxed and most of all lots of fun.

My favourite kind of feedback I receive from clients, whether commercial or personal, is how relaxed they feel working me. If you would like to work together or see more of my work please visit my website.




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