Hayley Hill Architects

Hayley Hill Architects is an architecture and design studio dedicated to creating enduring and responsive architecture. We love the process of designing buildings, and with every project we are humbled by the responsibility to create spaces which belong to individuals, community, and land.

At its most fundamental level, architecture is about space and material, however, we believe in its potential to facilitate much more than this. We believe in architecture and its ability to cement and amplify deep rooted connection to place; to frame human relationships and enrich daily life. Our studio designs spaces which hold you, move you, and provide a sense of solace. In essence our work explores how design meets human needs. Architecture after all, is made for everyone.

Hayley Hill Architects primary focus is designing architecture which is considered; that which is nimble enough to remain pertinent in the future and sensitively imbued with the essence of those for whom it was imagined. Our portfolio of work is predominately bespoke residential projects which includes new builds, renovations, and homes located on rural properties. We enjoy the potential of starting with a vacant site, the thrill of utilising existing structures to generate beautiful additions and are experienced with the nuance of strict controls commonly associated with country homes.

We understand the significance of designing a home and the importance of working intimately with clients, consultants, and trades. Whilst we don’t take our role in this process lightly, we do approach our relationships, particularly with clients, with friendliness, buoyancy and optimism.

Services we provide:

  1. Project & site consultation
  2. Design brief development
  3. Feasibility studies
  4. Master Planning
  5. Concept Design
  6. Authority liaison & Planning applications
  7. Construction documentation and Tender services
  8. Building Contract Administration
  9. Interior Design


Hayley Hill of HHA is a registered Architect with the NSW Architects Registration Board #11944


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Suite 6/98 Queen St, Berry NSW 2535


0449 522 504

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  • Saturdays by appointment
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