Green Mountain Nature Play

Outdoor recreation, bushcraft and nature play experiences for children and their families. 

Nature Play is for wild ones who are eager to explore and push their limits (within reason). There are no walls here for these kids to bounce off!

We have a variety of ‘stay + play’ programs for 0-7yrs and ‘drop-off’ programs for 4-14yrs. We offer session both during school term and holidays.

We arrive each day with a flexible plan and flowing with the interest and energy of the children on the day. We begin and end our day in the village (a shelter from the weather, fire circle and nearby bush paddock). Then head off to the wilderness to explore, rocks to scramble, bushcraft skills to learn and practice, paddling in the creek. Outdoor recreational activities might include nature inspired art and craft, sculpture, baking bread on the campfire, weaving, learning knots, stories or songs, building shelters or rope swings, whittling wood, playing trail games, observation walks, hide and seek, paddling in rock pools, identifying birds, plants and animals.

Nature Play will feel like a big fun family for your child. We lay the foundation of respect and kindness for self, each other and a reverence for Mother Nature from the very beginning of our day. Our soft skills practices will include deep listening, self, to each other and to Mother Nature. Being brave to speak our truth and offer knowledge when we feel called, and asking for help when we need it. We move with the seasons exploring paddocks, creeks, gorges, scrubland, rainforest, rock pools and beaches.

Our mentors are experienced outdoor educators who support bushcraft skills, collaborative play and inquiry into the natural world through an emergent experience following our group’s interests.


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